Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Selfish Poem

i used to be a selfish boy,
and now i am a selfish man.
i never used to share with anyone,
my favorite pepsi can.

i was so very selfish,
i used to play all alone.
if anyone dared to touch my stuff,
i would break their bone.

i never liked the idea of sharing food,
to prevent that i would hide.
sharing food is a crime to me because,
it's like committing suicide.

being selfish is an art,
and one needs to be self-centered in every endeavor.
i was never good at benevolence or charity,
thus a selfish person i will remain, forever.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Ode To Anupaul

few years ago i met anupaul
he was fair and geeky and tall
his appearance played a trick on me
for a geek he could never be
for him being smart and witty is not crime
he's always there, that too on time
he's always fit and high on testosterone
just like me he too fancies charlize theron
he's into heavy metal, nor hardcore rap
i believe he's not that bad a chap
just like me he too is a movie buff
he spends a lot on new gadgets and stuff
a future magician he is, his illusions are kinda funny
not a trick coz, "a trick is what a whore does for money"
for some strange reason i used to call him "ghono ball"
i guess i could have done without sharing it with y'all

A Working Woman's Eventful Week

sunday, she does what she wants to
without having to give any cause
monday, she’s in a hurry
not willing to face her boss

tuesday, is the busiest
she has to cope with her work
wednesday, she has a date
but the guy turns out to be a jerk

thursday, it’s time for friends
they’ll all go for go-carting
friday, it’s finally here
she’ll be up all night just partying

saturday, she has yoga classes
where peace of mind she’ll seek
now that’s what I call folks
a working woman’s eventful week