Wednesday, July 30, 2008


the word apology
when it comes from in here
nothing is more salty
not even a hippo's tear

then the word sorry
people "soar" and end it with "y"
its a very painful poem
i know it makes you wanna cry

for disgusting you with my poem
i would like to apologise and say sorry my friend
and if that is not convincing enough
i suggest you go through my poem again


sreejoye said...

it was nice readin ur blog!i lik d way u split a word into diff parts givin it a new meanin..way to go friend!thumbs up!!

Priyanka said...

i always thot u 2 b stupid(i evn thnk tht now) i nvr knew a stupid person like u can write so well???casual yet cool!!!!!

sorry for tht "stupid" act/.......ur blog is really cool......n now am nt kiddin re!!!!!!keep it up!!!!waitin 4 ur nxt!!

Upasana said...

dude...i am in love with you!

Aaheli Sengupta said...

wooo....people are praising you for your sarcasm...way to go Kiddo