Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I get by with a little help from my friends.....NOT!!

What a beginning to the week! 3 consecutive birthdays with 1 still to come. Very hard on the wallet. Especially when you are an average boy who's only source of income is his pocket money, that too very nominal. I guess I should have thought of it earlier while I was making so many friends. Wish there was something like say a "Friends Condom", which prevents you from having unwanted friends. Or if only the government was more concerned about the growing population 20 years back, it would have taken a lot of pressure of my back and in my wallet. That was a bit harsh but its the truth. I do love all of my friends but definitely not equally, and am quite candid about it. Now that 7 10th of my pocket money is gone there nothing left for me to do but to vent my frustration or may be mourn about it on the internet. Must learn to say "No" to people or else I'll soon lose my shot at becoming the next Mallya or nearest to the next Mallya. As I prepare to leave the city in 10 days, I still have a lot of stuff on my imaginary shopping cart which are going to stay imaginary I'm afraid. May be what I need right is to make some new friends who would be kind enough to help me materialize my imaginary shopping cart. The chances of that happening is the same as the next rapture coming on 21/10/11. The main question is am I willing to risk entering a vicious cycle for the sake of a wishlist (I might)??? To find out the answer get in touch within the next 10 days. Insanity has befallen the Saint!

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